A Dedication

TO THE MEMORY OF Sean Michael Sowards

Sean was an angel in heaven. He never made it to his third birthday because he died at the hands of his mother.

Little Sean, who was only two and a half, endured many things like having his big toe nails ripped out of his feet and nail polish put in his eyes as punishment for unknown reasons.

Sean's Voice Petition

A petition was created in his memory

Where As; services for such instances do not exist in any form what so ever,
Where as; men have less power to get the support and law behind them in times of abuse, and
Finally, where as; we need to be aware of the fact that victimization can be double for a male victim,
Therefore; we need to make aware that women and (female) children are not the only victims,
Therefore; specific shelters, hot-lines, counseling, etc need to be available for men by men,
Therefore; we need to equalize the dis-parody that affects abused men,
Finally therefore;we will need extra education to all public servants and services to accommodate this,
So be it resolved that there be equity in services for all men, women and children who need the shelter, protection, counseling, social services are available to all who are in need.
We, the undersigned citizens of the United States support the equity in services to support the abused men and boys who have little to no voice of their own, as society in general discriminates against men who are abused in any way, shape or form. Abuse on men shall carry the punishments in line with the current laws in place to also protect women, as legislated in The Violence Against Women Act.
This is in memory of Sean, the toddler who died at the hands of his mother. May he sing with the Angels.
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To show support you can also pay a visit to Grandmother Elizabeth. She is an awesome woman with a kind heart and generous soul.