Male Abuse Awareness

The Youth Voice Initiative believes in the equal access to emergency shelter, support and services. Our goal is to ensure that the law is changed to accommodate these by adding an amendment to the Violence Against Women Act so that our abused men will have safe places to go when abused.

YVI works with several different groups to promote healing and more so that our abused males will at least have SOME form of support until more is available. Please click the image below to go to the Surviving Spirit website. It's a wealth of information and more.

Surviving Spirit, Support for our survivors, especially for our men.

Support & solace @You and Me Can Stop Bullies

Lika's Special Interest

Our founder Lika is deeply interested in helping abused males. Below is a collection of educational information compiled by the YVI to help build awareness to this forgotten about aspect of our cause.

some key messages for men who were sexually abused in childhood:

  • You are not alone.
  • You can educate yourself.
  • Other guys struggle with their masculinity too.
  • There are people who understand and can help.

11 Reasons Why Males Don't Disclose Abuse
Potential Long-Term Effects of the Sexual Abuse of Males
What to ask/how to know if you’ve been sexually abused
The Effects of Child Abuse Depend on a Variety of Factors
Possible Lasting Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Factsheets: Male Rape
The Strength of a Man
Male Abuse Survivor Support in the UK
A New Perspective: the Unacknowledged Abuse Survivors