Founder Lika Saliscente

""I loved the idea to be a lobbyist so I could talk directly to the legislators to show my passion, drive, and undying concern for my previous projects. I needed a new direction, and our children who can't fend for themselves needed a voice. People who write in to legislators do make a difference, but there is nothing more compelling than being face to face with that eye contact, and the enthusiasm in my voice that sells my total belief in my agenda.

Our Primary Objective

April's Law Wisconsin

Our goals are to increase awareness and education for abuse prevention as well as to petition and sponsor legislation to make it more difficult for predators to continually offend and get off with minimal punishment. We have determined that legislation should be in place to insure that these predators receive appropriate punishments rather than escaping through loopholes. Additionally, we further hope to encourage victims to seek counseling and seek organizations to form alliances with to provide survivor support, creative outlets and other services.

Why do we call it "April's Law"?

The month of April is Child Abuse Awareness Month. This, along with a girl named April, who was the original inspiration to this piece of legislation, who was repeatedly raped at age 6 and contracted an STD. The perpetrator was sentenced to 12 months. 10 years after he was released, he was arrested again, for raping more children, and bragged at his court case that he'd assaulted at least 75 children, some as young as age 3. This time he got 10 years.

April's Law Wisconsin News

April will be revisited in 2013.

Representative Cory Mason introduced April's Law Wisconsin to the Wisconsin Assembly, and even not being able to make it to passage, Rep. Mason is going to revisit April's Law again, tweak it to a better bill, and reintroduce it. A big thank you again, to Rep. Mason. He is up for re-election this November. For making the introduction of April's Law Wisconsin to the Assembly, YVI is endorsing Rep. Mason. Please call 262.638.2362 to see how you can help!
Send Mr. Mason a hearty thanks today.

I also want to thank Representative Robin Vos (R), a hero for the children, for supporting the April's Law Wisconsin concept. Here is Rep. Vos. Please consider thanking him for his brave support!  Robin Vos is also up for re-election November of 2012.  Please contact his campaign office to see how you can help him get re-elected in the Wisconsin Assembly:

Rep. Bob Turner

Representative Bob Turner has requested April's Law Wisconsin to be in the Criminal Justice and Corrections Committee.
Lets give thanks to Rep. Turner for being a supporter, and encourage the committee chair to hold a hearing so we can make AB-136 a law. After his term is up, because of redistricting, Rep. Turner will be retiring, and Rep. Mason will be running in his place. A HUGE thank you to Rep. Turner for his hard work to ensure that our precious children are well protected. Enjoy your time with the grandchildren!

Current Action Needed now

Sen. John Lehmann

The State of Wisconsin is going through a recall election. Due to the nature of the politics, YVI would like to endorse former Senator John Lehman in the current race for the 21st district senate seat for originally drafting April's Law Wisconsin. Please contact Senator Lehman's office to find out how YOU can help re-elect him into office to help fight for our children:

Coming Soon

Our new & expanded board & volunteer programming. Please ask for more details!

The Board

Lika Saliscente Founder/President
Petra Luna VP/Secretary
Mike C. Cee Chief Financial Officer

Founder's Statement

The purpose and mission of Youth Voice Initiative is to give a voice to the countless number of children who daily become victims of child predators. These predators use every tool and deception possible to prey on their innocence. The problem has become increasingly larger and the existing laws are manipulated in a way that allows these predators to repeatedly victimize children. We believe that all children have a basic right to have their safety and innocence protected so that they may grow into confident, mature and productive adults. The Youth Voice Initiative is here to bring legislation to ensure that child safety comes first, as a society who doesn't cherish children have higher crime rates. The time is now to protect our children. We are a new, brave and bold organization where backing down from dangerous criminals is not a choice. It will not be easy or quickly accomplished since these pedophiles have created an multi-billion dollar industry out of the exploitation and abuse of children. It is therefore with great determination and dedication that we will undertake the task of dismantling their operations and provide justice for the victims.

Our Secondary Objective

April's Law Federal Petition

Why We Need April's Federal Law Click here

A special thank you to Representative Bob Beers from Nevada, the first to publicly support and push April's Federal Law. YVI and all our the children thanks and appreciates your effort. Kudos to you!!!

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