Annual Report

Year 3

January 1, 2011 - December 31,2011

2011 proved to be a tough and busy year in a positive way. Our beloved April's Law Wisconsin made it into the Assembly as AB 136. It picked up a few sponsors, and went through the Committee for Criminal Justice and Corrections, and they pushed it to a study on the long term effects of child sex abuse.
Unfortunately, AB-136 never got introduced in the Senate, and the Senate Joint Resolutions.
No worries, in speaking with Representative Cory Mason, there will be some tweaks made into the bill, and will be re-introduced to the state legislature in 2013.
Following the decision of the federal government to broaden the definition of rape to include men, talks to draft and put through a Wisconsin version of Sean's Voice, a piece of legislation to be added on to the back of the Violence Against Women Act, is to ensure that abused men and boys will have the access to emergency shelter, support and services needed, that may or may not exist at the women's shelters.
There are a LOT of misconceptions surrounding the abuse of men on many levels and facets. We need to ensure that all abuse victims have a safe place to go.

YVI Accomplishment Timeline

Sean's Voice to be drafted and introduced: 2013

April's Law Re-slotted to the Wisconsin Legislature: January 2013

April's Law Hearing: October 19, 2011

First Annual Board Meeting: July 29, 2010

Meeting with Local/State Legislators: June 28, 2010

1st Annual Report (extended to current) January 2010

Date of IRS Approval: June 4,2009

Initial meetings w/ Legislators: January/February 2009

YVI Bylaws: August 19, 2008

Founded with Articles of Incorporation: May 5, 2008

Date of Foundation: May 2, 2008

Local Exemption: April 2008

EIN Approval: April, 2008